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Mexico Trip Brings Rare Books to Library

Authentic Spanish books can be hard to find on a local level, but offer a special treat for students. Unlike books that have been translated from English into Spanish, Spanish literature written by Spanish and Latin American authors provides students with a layer of cultural authenticity and insight into Spanish culture, traditions and history.

This is why third-grade teacher Laura Rodriguez was so excited to purchase books during her recent visit to Mexico. She and several classmates at a local university were traveling to an international book fair in Guadalajara in connection with a library science course. Mrs. Rodriguez saw the visit to the fair as an opportunity to add more authentic Spanish literature to the School of Dual Language’s library, which lacks books in this category.  Principal James Tohme provided her with a budget and librarian Cathy Gross gave her a list of the kinds of books that were most needed.

Mrs. Rodriguez purchased 70 to 80 books appropriate for a wide range of ages and reading levels. Her classmates carried some of the books in their luggage so Mrs. Rodriguez could avoid paying an extra luggage fee. The books, which represent authors from a variety of countries, are now at the School of Dual Language where they are being catalogued. Once processed, they will be available for students to check out.

“I think the students will learn a lot from the Spanish in these books,” said Dr. Tohme. “Our students will be able to see the authors reflected in themselves.”


Door Contest

Doors Open with Positive Messages about Friendship

Classroom doors at the School of Dual Language are doing much more than opening and closing. They are promoting positive messages about friendship.  Students in 18 classrooms, from kindergarten through fifth grade, decorated their doors as part of a Social Emotional Learning initiative.  Friendship was the theme.

Music program

Children Sing and Dance at Thanksgiving Celebration

Kindergarten and first-grade students had great fun performing for their parents and families at the Thanksgiving Music Program. They sang and danced to songs in English, Spanish and Native American languages.


Comité de Padres Bilingües/ Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee

Nuestra misión este año es: Información es poder para hacer conexiones para  ayudar a la comunidad”

Our Mission is on the following: Information is power to create connections to help the community.

Our First Event/Nuestro Primer Evento

Evento: Jueves 22 de septiembre, 2016: Dual Language School: Tema / Enfoque: Recursos de la comunidad: Nuestro objetivo es crear una feria de recursos para la noche. Nos pondremos en contacto con varias agencias locales para establecer puesto de información / pantallas para nuestra comunidad para explorar. Los recursos podrían incluir las siguientes agencias / organizaciones:

Event: 9/22/16 – Location: Dual Language School – Theme/Focus: Community Resources: Our goal is to create a resource fair for the evening – we have contacted various local agencies to set up informational booth/displays for our Hispanic community to explore. Resources could include the following agencies/organizations:

Please see attached flyer.