Architect Begins Work

Architect DLR Group, of Chicago, has begun working with the Hawthorn School District 73 administrative team and Board of Education to determine space needs for student learning. DLR Group was selected from among eight firms that submitted proposals.

DLR Group is considered the largest K-12 architectural firm in the country. The firm’s next step is to begin working on a master plan for the district to address the district’s space needs over the next several years.

Hawthorn has been experiencing space capacity challenges in its school buildings for several years. Hawthorn’s current enrollment of 4,264 in grades kindergarten through eighth jumped dramatically over last year’s number. This increase in enrollment puts additional stress on the space available in the buildings. Over the last 30 years, the district’s enrollment has doubled to its current number. The district is expected to grow between 400 students and 800 students over the next 10 years, according to John D. Kasarda, Ph.D., Consulting Demographer.

“Most schools are at their enrollment capacity and we need to consider using existing space more creatively or finding more space, if possible,” Superintendent Nick Brown said.