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Hawthorn School District 73 is committed to developing each child’s academic, social, and emotional growth. When considering academic growth, standardized assessment measures allow us to monitor students’ skill development and progress. As a district, we use the results of these assessments to inform instruction and curricular planning so that we may best meet the diverse needs of our students. A summary of each assessment measure and the grade levels of participating students is provided in our Hawthorn District #73 Assessment Guide.

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Administration Dates

Administration of standardized assessment measures occur throughout the year. Information regarding the timeline of assessments is located in the Hawthorn District #73 Assessment Guide (Versión en español aquí: Guía de evaluación)

Sharing of Assessment Results

PowerSchool Parent Portal allows us to digitally share standardized assessment reports with our middle and elementary school families. Digital distribution of these reports reflects a more secure and private method of communication, is environmentally friendly, and provides families with easy, anytime access to their child’s assessment results. Please click here for instructions on viewing assessments results in PowerSchool.

Assessments Outline

Outlined below are the assessments that are typically posted within the Powerschool Portal.

  • NWEA MAP (2nd-8th Grade) 

NWEA Parent/Guardian Guide

Practice Tests

  • FastBridge Early Literacy and Early Math (K-1)
  • Illinois Assessment of Readiness (3rd-8th Grade)
  • Illinois Science Assessment (5th and 8th Grade)

Standardized assessments are only one indicator of how well our students are performing academically. We also consider our students’ progress in daily learning activities, special projects, and classroom-based assessment measures to develop a more complete picture. In addition, Hawthorn District #73 strongly values the growth and development of the whole child. Student attendance, participation in athletics and other extracurricular programs, involvement in the fine and performing arts, service-learning efforts, and other positive contributions to our school and district community are all essential components of our students’ learning in District #73.