Healthy Smiles, Healthy Growth

The School of Dual Language was chosen by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) to participate in the Healthy Smiles Healthy Growth Assessment for 2018-2019. This project provides free dental screenings and height/weight measurement for students. The purpose of the assessment survey is to learn about children’s oral health and growth patterns across the state of Illinois.


Physical and Health Education News – Trimester 2, 2019

Students have been hard at work in PE and Health.  Here is the latest newsletter from your DL Teachers:

Physical and Health Newsletter – English

Physical & Health News – Español



Students and their traps

How to Catch a Leprechaun

Everyone knows that leprechauns love gold. First-grade students at the School of Dual Language created colorful and decorative traps to catch the leprechaun using gold coins, rainbows, four leaf clovers and other objects. While it appears the leprechaun was once again too smart to be caught, this was a fun STEM project for the students and their families.

Student Report Cards Post on March 19th

In an effort to better streamline our communication with all district families, we are making online report cards available to parents of our elementary school students. Benefits to online report cards include more timely reporting to parents, easy parent access to both current and past report cards, and reduced costs tied to paper and printing. Online report cards are also environmentally friendly! On Tuesday, March 19th we will post student report cards in PowerSchool and share instructions for how you may access your child’s report card via the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Once you log into this secure, user-friendly portal, you may easily open and even download your child’s report card. If you would prefer to receive a paper copy of your child’s report card, please contact our main office at 847-990-4900  and we will print one for you.
Reporte de calificaciones del estudiante publicados el 19 de marzo
En un esfuerzo de mejorar nuestra comunicación con las familias del distrito, estamos haciendo que los reportes de calificaciones sean disponibles electrónicamente a los padres de nuestros estudiantes en la escuela primaria. Los beneficios que el reporte electrónico de calificaciones produce es que son generados con mayor rapidez para ser reportados a los padres, acceso fácil para los padres de los reportes de calificaciones actuales y anteriores y a la vez reducir los costos que implica el papel y la impresión de los mismos. Además, los reportes de calificaciones electrónicos son beneficiosos a nuestro medio ambiente. El  martes 19 de marzo, publicaremos los reportes de los estudiantes en PowerSchool y compartiremos las instrucciones sobre cómo tener acceso al reporte de calificaciones electrónico de su hijo por medio del portal para padres PowerSchool. Una vez que usted haya entrado en el portal seguro y muy fácil de usar, usted puede abrirlo con facilidad y hasta descargar el reporte de calificaciones de su hijo/a. Si usted prefiere recibir una copia en papel del reporte de calificaciones de su hijo/a, por favor comunicarse con la oficina principal en 847-990-4900 y nosotros le imprimiremos uno para usted.
SOAR Assembly

SOAR Assembly Focuses on Managing Emotions

The focus for this month’s SOAR assembly was helping students to “Manage My Emotions”.  The school’s Project Change students performed a skit that reinforced this theme.  Congratulations to Mrs. Almora’s class for being the winner of the “SOARing Eagle” trophy.


Andres Salguero's performance

123 Andres is Fun for Everyone

Third through fifth graders were singing and dancing as Andres Salguero and Christina performed at the School of Dual Language during a morning assembly on March 8. Even the teachers were dancing as the Latin Grammy-winning music duo provided lessons through music. Their songs provided a fun and creative way for the students to learn about North, Central, and South America and the Caribbean. They spoke and sang in English, Spanish and regularly used sign language. Whatever the language, their performance was full of fun for everyone.


Students wearing jerseys

Pasta for Pennies Fundraiser

Students wore jerseys to school on Thursday in connection with Townline Elementary and the School of Dual Language’s participation in Pasta for Pennies.  This fundraiser is raising funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the world’s largest nonprofit fighting blood cancer. Each day has a particular theme, from pajama day to superhero day, in which students can dress up and have fun.  The classroom that raises the most money will receive a free Olive Garden pasta party.  The classroom winner will be announced on Friday, March 22.

students practicing with their guitars

Learning to Play the Guitar

Ms. Guerrero’s fifth-grade class at the School of Dual Language had their first guitar lesson on Monday. Music teacher Ms. Schaefges taught them how to remember the standard tuning of the guitar (EADGBE) by teaching them the phrase: Every Amateur Does Get Better Eventually. She taught them how to strum and play chords. The students had fun as they familiarized themselves with a new instrument.

students in fire safety lesson

Fireman Tony Gives Fire Safety Lessons

Fireman Tony, the Public Education Coordinator at Countryside Fire Protection District, reviewed the fire triangle with three second grade classes at the School of Dual Language on Monday. The students remembered that the three things a fire needs to ignite are heat, oxygen and fuel. After his presentation, the students enjoyed engaging in several hands-on projects connected with fire safety.